Learn to Love Learning.

Curiosity Curve offers an engaging tutoring experience with a refreshing take on the journey to academic success. Every moment is exciting, interactive, and filled with curiosity.

Our Benefits

Simplified Complexity

We breakdown complex concepts into digestible and student-friendly explanations.  

Engaging Experiences

Our approach revolves around fueling students’ curiosity, inspiring a lifelong love for learning.

Complete Transparency

We keep you in the loop, driving growth by providing regular feedback to students and parents.

Our Solution

Content Mastery

Content Mastery is our dedicated tutoring experience that focuses on giving students a nuanced understanding of the content. This service is our bread & butter, ensuring students understand the why behind the how as they develop a desire to explore and uncover knowledge.

Exam Labs

Exam Labs are an innovative and unique way to learn. Students work on complex exam style questions in a small group setting, discussing and analysing different ways to solve problems. These sessions are led by a tutor who guides and facilitates critical thinking. 

Hear from our Happy Students!

Kush has been such an amazing tutor in my final year of high school and has helped me improve in advanced math drastically. He has assisted me with mathematical concepts whilst also growing my confidence when attempting questions. Not only is he intelligent and a great teacher, but also very friendly and great to communicate with. I highly recommend him to anyone as he manages to simplify tasks that I would've originally found overwhelming, and has definitely changed my opinion on mathematics overall. (:
Zerr Contractor
Kush was very highly recommended to me through a friend and is by far the best tutor I've ever had. He is always on time, patient and understanding. His tutoring is offered for an incredibly reasonable price. His teaching methods are ones that I find to be highly engaging and easy to understand, providing me with the extra supported learning I need to succeed in my schooling. I would highly recommend Kush's tutoring to others.
Elvan Uzal
This guy is actually awesome, he's not awkward like everyone else on here (sorry) and he actually helps. I thought tutoring was a bust, I had 3 tutors before him (all of them quit on me so maybe I'm the problem??????) but he helped me so much. I was at the bottom of my cohort and got a score of 25% for my prelims. Yet when I found Kush, he helped me start getting marks like 79% and 93% which was a huge improvement and now I'm coming 7th thanks to him. This guys the real deal, seize the opportunity guys. Highly recommend!!
Shandyl Verma
Kush is a really great tutor! He is really intelligent and was very familiar with the course content. He was able to provide me with a lot of assistance in lessons and out. Through lessons with kush I was able to improve my maths marks and ranks and was very prepared for the trials and hsc. Would highly recommend!
Shreya Pathak

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